Background Checks

Background checks

Do you want to know more about a person you are dating online?

Comprehensive background checks are often the first tool used by a private investigator to learn about a subject. Background checks reveal criminal history, assets searches, liens and judgments, previous addresses and evictions, relatives and neighbors. This valuable information is used when locating assets owned, internet dating, locating dead-beat spouses, locating a witness, skip tracing, tenant screening, pre-nuptial screening, locating lost relatives and friends, debtors and any other instance where you need to learn more about an individual.


Five Points Private Investigations has expanded its background checks to include optional state and nationwide research for full financial asset searches of: brokerage accounts, bank accounts and financial activity, employment and income sources, as well as insurance information. Call us today to find out what other financial research reports we can legally provide in background checks investigations.


Asset Searches:

Do you suspect that a spouse is secretly hiding assets from you?
Are you embroiled in the collection of a debt and the debtor swears that he has nothing of value to pay off the debt?
A full background check to include asset searches will identify hidden property, such as: watercrafts, aircrafts, property and automobiles. Easy to follow financial research reports are now available.

Internet Dating:

If you are communicating with someone over the internet and are going to meet them for the first time, protect yourself and learn the facts. Comprehensive background checks will reveal any marriages and divorces, past criminal history, any liens and judgments, bankruptcy history and how transient the individual has been.


Dead Beat Dads: (At Five Points Private Investigations we prefer the term Dead Beat Spouses)

Is the parent of your child (children) behind on court ordered child support?
Is he or she claiming that they are unemployed or that their hours have been cut?
Verify his or her employment and residence by surveillance and a background check investigation. Discovering their activities will be very difficult to dispute if caught on videotape or photo. Once positive evidence is obtained, proper legal action can be pursued.

Pre-Employment Screening:

Know who you are hiring!
Five Points Private Investigations is a full service background investigation agency. The research techniques we have at our facility produce thorough, accurate background checks meeting each unique request of our clients. Background checks are a useful tool to verify or dispute the information provided by a potential employee.


Tenant Screening:

Learn the facts before you rent one of your assets to a total stranger! Comprehensive background checks will help reveal any inconstancies with rental application information.

Marriage Fraud:

If you are a United States citizen who suspects you may have become a victim of a domestic or international marriage fraud, contact Five Points Private Investigations. Previous successful investigations of this type have provided insight on how to investigate fraudulent activities relating to these scams.

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