Child Custody

Are You Experiencing Child Custody Issues?

Do you need to verify that your child is in safe hands when you drop them off for visitation over the weekend?


Do you suspect child neglect or drug abuse by the child’s non-custodial parent?


Is someone other than the non-custodial parent caring for the child while the child is supposed to be under the care and supervision of the non-custodial parent?


At Five Points Private Investigations these are just some of the questions that can be answered with surveillance and video documentation providing you with positive proof of any child custody problems you may be experiencing. Our specially trained private investigators know what to look for when obtaining evidence that you will need to provide when facing child neglect or abuse in a child custody case.


Child Custody


Child Custody & Sexual Abuse:

Cell phone video capability has opened a whole new venue for sexual predators to prey on the innocent. Professional con artists master their craft at the expense of your trust. Five Points Private Investigations can help you to determine if your suspicion of sexual abuse is occurring. With our team of cyber-technology experts, Five Points Private Investigations can assist you, the parent, in uncovering evidence of bullying or abuse of your minor child via the internet or telephone communication.

Child Custody & Bullying:

Bullying has been around since the dawn of time, but new electronic means of committing this crime has enabled these acts to continue after the child has left school for the day through texts and emails. Five Points Private Investigations has ways of helping your child to deal with these aggravating and horrible situations and can help you put this to an end through legal means.


Child Custody & Child Support:

Is the parent of your child (or children) behind on court ordered child support? Is he or she claiming that they are unemployed or that their hours have been cut? Verify his or her employment and residence by surveillance and a background investigation. Discovering their activities will be very difficult to dispute if caught on videotape or photo. Once positive evidence is obtained, proper legal action can be pursued.

Child Custody & Visitation:

When exchanging the children for the weekend or holiday, get video proof that all went smoothly so that there will be no question of false allegations by the other parent of abusive or disruptive behavior. Video and written documentation by a licensed investigator can make an impact when allegations of this type are at issue.

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