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When the suspicion of employee theft arises, Five Points Private Investigations provides our corporate clients with investigations including surveillance, undercover investigations, employee interviews and interrogations. The resulting information can be used to release the employees, and seek civil action or criminal prosecution. Desperate times call for desperate measures. In these tough economic times, employee theft is on the rise. Whether an employee is pilfering from the petty cash box, embezzling money from your bank accounts or stealing merchandise from your business inventory or home, the need to hire a private investigator has never been more necessary.

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Employees will discover various methods of stealing from you, and now you have an advocate to assist you in determining who the culprit is, what they have been stealing, where they stole inventory from, when they took advantage, and why they needed the money. Unfortunately, employee theft can happen in any business, and the perpetrator can be a close family member, so discretion and privacy are paramount. Five Points Private Investigations holds all case information in strict confidence.




Accidents do happen. Sometimes they are caused by negligence, a careless driver, or faulty equipment. Other times these injuries are over exaggerated, and in some cases, even pre-planned intentionally.

Have you ever had an employee come to work on a Monday morning and suddenly claim a slip and fall?

Did you know that the employee had might have already been injured that weekend in a softball game but is now making you, the employer, pay for his medical bills by a fraudulent worker’s compensation claim?



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As a business owner, you have worked hard to build your company. Do not let employee theft destroy a lifetime of work. Companies that are experiencing unaccounted for inventory shrinkage can benefit from using a fresh set of eyes from a seasoned private investigator. If you are forced to downsize, some of your employees may not go without taking what they feel is owed to them. Be proactive and consult Five Points Private Investigations on how to stop employee theft of clients, inventory and intellectual property.


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