Mail Order Brides

Mail Order Brides 

Back in the days of the California gold rush, the ‘49ers who went panning for gold spent many long days and nights by their lonesome. Day after day, night after night they were alone fighting the terrain, braving the cold weather, sweating in blazing hot climate. It was a good life for many who had their sweethearts, spouses and family waiting for their return; others had no one waiting for them, and were left with a lonely heart and a thirst for love.

Back then they didn’t have computer dating services, it took someone with a bright idea to come up with a service referred to as mail order brides. Men and women came from all parts of the world in hope of finding their answer to a lonely heart, to build a life that they dreamed about and be happy. Most of the mail order brides or grooms were very sincere about their commitment. Others had a deliberate plan of deceit, larceny and cold blooded murder on their minds.

Today, international dating around the globe is another source of adventure in finding love. There are sites from all over the world and some of the most beautiful men and women are putting themselves out there in the dating internet. What could be a safer way of finding someone to love who really doesn’t know anything about your past and are only considering the future. You find someone who has caught your attention and the communication begins. You tell them what you do for work, your income, property you own, where you live and that you are looking for someone to fall in love with. The usual response is: “Wow! I find you to be the one I love talking to the best and it is time to meet.” You are so excited you call your travel agent and make your arrangements to travel to another country for your true love.

You are now in foreign land and alone, not understanding their customs or politics. Your newfound love has swept you off your feet and you want to get married as soon as possible. The problem is you live in America, and they live on the other side of the globe. You may want to take he or she home and start your new dream life. However, the person you now love, has a totally different agenda based on entering the United States legally under false pretenses. They conveniently have all the paperwork required for immigration purposes and a swift marriage. Now this person is your legal responsibility and unless you have a pre-nuptial agreement you have agreed to take care of your new spouse financially. This course of events has been pre-planned for them to enter the United States , leave their new spouse, and take off to a pre-existing planned location. Once the now legal immigrant arrives at the planned location, a network of support is awaiting them which usually includes a pre-existing husband or wife. Five Points Private Investigations, LLC has handled many related cases with positive results in favor of our client. These subjects have many deceitful ways of using the law in their favor under false pretenses.

Please understand that vetting is the best way to go. Many countries do not have the official marriage records or even birth certificates that we in America do. Go prepared. Do your due diligence. Five Points Private Investigations, LLC has a worldwide network of private investigators pertaining to International Marriage Fraud.

If you have already made the commitment and are stranded in this situation, Five Points Private Investigations, LLC is there for you. The main objective of the mail order bride or groom is to stay in this country by any means possible. Our objective as private investigators is to help solve this problem and let you move on with your life. Sometimes good old fashioned private investigating is the way to go. Not everything can be discovered via computer.

Five Points Private Investigations, LLC is an experienced, licensed and insured private detective agency dedicated to providing the confidential facts. Five Points Private Investigations, LLC and its professional team of private investigators, polygraphers and latent fingerprint experts are qualified in assisting and serving clients with precision, dedication and compassion.

Five Points Private Investigations, LLC conducts interviews and interrogations leading to the facts that can save corporations, employers and individuals time, money and lengthy court battles. We have 75 years of combined experience with civil, criminal and personal private investigations with positive results. It is our mission to provide the best private investigation services, including mail order brides and grooms in the St. Lucie, Martin, Palm Beach, Broward, Dade counties and throughout Florida.

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