Private Investigator Finds Missing Son


One thing I love about being a Private Investigator is the variety of people I meet on a daily basis. When you get that call in the middle of the night you never know who’s on the other end of the line. I’m reminded of a recent missing persons case that involved a 19 year old male who hadn’t been home in two days to eat mom’s cooking.

In this case the parents of this missing boy would be my clients. My first impression was a good one. As I sat at the kitchen table of their modest home, I couldn’t help but notice how well kept everything was. Everything was very organized and had its place in their home. While I was interviewing my client I got a strong impression that this house had structure and discipline for the children. I quickly came to the realization that it was mom who was the ringleader in hiring a private detective. She was very concerned and hadn’t slept in 48 hours.

They gave me all the information I needed. They answered my every question willingly and honestly. When we finished our interview I asked them if there was anything else I should know about their son? That’s when the woman looked sheepishly at her husband and said “should I tell him? Her husband who was obviously a strong proud patriarch waived his hands and walked out of the room. Something was wrong, I wasn’t getting the whole story. Once her husband left the room there was an uncomfortable silence that seemed to last forever. It was at this point my client explained to me that her son was a “good boy “ the police aren’t doing anything because he’s over 18 and on and on. I stopped her dead in her tracks. I calmly said to her we’ve been through all of this what are you not telling me? Well sir “ we’re from another country with different beliefs. I believe someone has put a voodoo curse on my boy” and has “corrupted his soul”. Well that explains it!

I had to remind myself that these folks are from a third world country and they are taught this stuff from an early age. I assured the woman that no matter what happened to her son Five Points Private Investigations would get to the bottom of it. Whether it be voodoo or not.

The investigation would not take long. Two days later I followed my leads to a rural part of town. I was canvassing the neighborhood I noticed a dirt road that had some fresh tracks on it with no cars in sight. After a two mile drive down a curvy dirt road I found my subjects vehicle. It was lying dead in the ditch and looked like someone had driven it further into the woods to conceal the vehicle. As it turns out my subject was hold up at his friends house and had taken off to avoid a DUI.

I immediately contacted my client and they were reunited with their son. Another case solved and another family can sleep at night. As I drove away this young man was getting the verbal beatdown of a lifetime. As long as I live on this earth I will never forget her words and this is a direct quote. “Here I am telling this nice man about voodoo and it turns out the only voodoo is you”!

This is a classic example of why I love my job so much.

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