Successful Private Investigators

Successful Private Investigators

When a client reaches out for a private investigator to help them learn the facts about the many red flags they discovered, it’s a result of their own personal investigations. As a successful private investigator it’s our job to learn as much as we possibly can about our subject and his/her unusual behavior and personal habits. Whether he/she is cheating, gambling, doing drugs or not keeping to their promises or personal commitments, the private investigator with this knowledge can plan his surveillance accordingly.

The first thing a private investigator must do is conduct a pre-surveillance. This will help give us a better understanding of the neighborhood, where the subject resides or is conducting their secret activities. It’s the job of the private investigator to observe without being detected. A good investigator will work in such a way to not cause any alert amongst the neighbors or any neighborhood crime watch. Any information that the client can provide concerning the subjects activities can be very helpful. If the investigator has knowledge or information regarding the subjects known target it may be easier to conduct surveillance at the targets place of residence or employment.

The first step in any good investigation is arriving early. The old saying of the “early bird gets the worm” is true in the investigation business. Arriving early is not being early it’s being on time to an investigator. In the late hours of the night or early in the morning before the rise of the sun, Five Points Private Investigations is already set up and in perfect position to get the evidence they need. Positive results come with patience, perseverance and stealth. At times this may require the investigator to get out of the car and contact the proper people and ask the right questions. A good investigator will always check the quality of the video before leaving the scene of a surveillance.

Preparation is key for  successful private investigators. Whether it be proper communication with state of the art equipment, or packing a ham and cheese with cold drinks it’s the investigators job to come prepared and never lose visual contact with the subject or targets. An investigator is only as good as your last investigation. So stay alert and take a cat nap if needed and you will get the evidence and peace of mind that you desire.

Five Points Private Investigations, LLC is an experienced, licensed and insured private detective agency dedicated to providing the confidential facts. Five Points Private Investigations, LLC and its professional team of private investigators, polygraphers and latent fingerprint experts are qualified in assisting and serving clients with precision, dedication and compassion.

Five Points Private Investigations, LLC conducts interviews and interrogations leading to the facts that can save corporations, employers and individuals time, money and lengthy court battles. We have 75 years of combined experience with civil, criminal and personal private investigations with positive results. It is our mission to provide the best private investigation services in the St. Lucie, Martin, Palm Beach, Broward, Dade counties and throughout Florida.

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